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The Game Is Afoot!

The World's Greatest Detective arrives on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the exciting adventure game, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, inspired by the motion picture of the same name, Sherlock Holmes. Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures, Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Richie and starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is available now on iTunes and Blu-Ray/DVD.

Full Case #1 – "The Case of the Innocent Man"

Once inside the shoes of the World’s Greatest Detective, you must use Sherlock’s keen wit and persuasive charm to prove a man innocent of murder, without revealing your sources. The investigation will take you into the seedy, gritty side of Victorian London, overflowing with deceit and disregard for basic codes of decent behavior as you traverse the deadly back alleys. Scour the environments... Uncover the Clues... Reveal the truth in The Case of the Innocent Man.


  • Puzzle Boxing Tournament – Face off against 12 unique opponents in a bare-knuckle boxing tournament using the iPad’s multi-touch functionality!
  • Auto-Flip and Rotate Support – Gritty, seedy side of 1890's London is brought to life with exceptional art-style, and breathtaking graphics
  • Upgraded Graphics:
      • Full Screen Resolution – for a High-def 3-D experience
      • Increased Texture Resolution – for the characters and environments
      • Redesigned UI – Takes advantage of the larger iPad screen


    • Stunning Visuals – The gritty, seedy side of 1890’s London exposed with exceptional art-style, and breathtaking graphics
    • 11 Immersive Environments – 3-D environments bring the genuine Sherlock Holmes atmosphere to life
    • Compelling Mini-Games: Gain crucial information through insightful mini-games
        • Insights – Find Hidden Clues using Sherlock’s keen Insight, and put them together in Sherlock’s Mind to unravel the mystery
        • Lock Picking – Find the perfect path through a lock’s inner workings to lift each of the tumblers, and gain access to the secrets within
        • Foot Chase – Wind your way through London’s streets in pursuit of justice. Outmaneuver those you pursue and emerge victorious!