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Break a World Record with your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Challenge others across the globe for the ultimate glory - the chance to break a world record! Compete in 36 wild and wacky challenges based on real world records in your quest to become a record holder in your city, state and the whole wide world! With the in-game Gamespy engine you can post your scores online to see how you rank against other contenders in your neck of the woods and beyond. The game’s quick-fire action challenges can be played solo or in competitive multi-player. Do you have what it takes to break a world record?

  • Hours and Hours of Gameplay – Unlock all challenges, post high scores to challenge your friends and make rivals across the globe

    36 Outrageous Challenges – Crush watermelons with your head, sheer sheep or devour an entire plane!

  • Revolutionary Leaderboards – Earn a system high-score and post it online to see where your rank in your state, country and even the world!

  • Competitive Multiplayer – Challenge up to three friends taking turns posting high scores on one system

  • In-Depth Character Customization – Transform the look of your character with new hair-styles, eye color, clothing and much, much more

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